Friday, November 13, 2009

Isn't he wonderful. I love some Omac goodness but before I go into specifics about him lets get some background info on how he relates to Darkseid.

Final Crisis

In Final Crisis, Darkseid and his prophets from Apokolips have taken new forms as humans on Earth after mass-distributing the Anti-Life Equation around the world. Batman has been captured, Superman is on a journey in the multiverse, and Wonder Woman has become a Female Fury. With most of the world's population under the influence of the equation, they are effectively under Darkseid's control seemingly making him the ruler of the Earth.

In the one-shot Final Crisis: Resist, Mister Terrific and the Checkmate organization are working to mount a resistance against Darkseid but seemingly don't have the means to do it. Sitting in despair in a Checkmate stronghold, Snapper Carr through his hopeless rantings gives Mister Terrific an ingenious idea. Using Sasha Bordeaux to make contact with Brother Eye, Terrific convinces the A.I. to help them, telling it that it will surely be destroyed if Darkseid indeed captures the world.

Realizing this, Brother Eye accepts Terrific's terms, and reveals that there are still millions of people infected with OMAC nanotech. These people, now mindless drones of Darkseid, are overwritten by Brother Eye and become OMAC soldiers under the command of Terrific. This gives Checkmate and him the means to forcefully resist Darkseid.

Any who, as you notice he is a rather standard 4/5 with flight and range. His first power is where he really shines. He takes away the Antilife affiliation from all characters with the identity Omac and protects them from getting it. this is a big boon if you opponent is running a lot of Antilife/Dakseid cards.

His second power is my favorite though. He has what turns out to be a psudo-recovery effect, in that you can get your 3 drop ,or greater, stunned and remove him from the game to Ko it and put him in play. This can be useful to not only keep your board presence up , but can also be used to get an extra attack or 2 in. The only hitch to it, is that you have to KO a non-army character. My thoughts on breaking this power is to run a standard curve 1-5 with non-army guys at 3-5. Then attack 5 to 5, 4 to 4, and 3 to 3 hopefuly getting your guys stunned. The next step woulds be just put three Insurgency Protocols into play and smash a free 15 endurance straight to your opponents dome.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Revenge of The Revenge Squad

Back when DSM came out the was much speculation about what the new teams would entail. Team Supes got a protection racket, The New gods were a weird mix of Cosmic powers, Darkseid Elite were really a grab bag of powers, and then there was the only consistent, yet underpowered, team : Revenge Squad.

Most Squaders revolved around picking on a specific character and or team , but others relied on the resource row for power, especially the Ongoing type of resource. This theme was carried on in the latter sets.

Less talk more action , here be the first card from DSM2

Hope, Amazon Bodyguard

This new incarnation of her can be compared to most Lois Lane, she is free while you control Lex, and there are plenty of Lexi out there. Some yummy interactions I can see with her include using New and Improved to push out a huge Hope , while filling your hand with Lex centred cards, for free and getting to recruit another 4 resources worth of characters.

And two resources well spent could be on

Mercy, Amazon Bodyguard. I really like this version over the original. She gives a universal +1/+1 pump to all Squaders (if you have your row face up) while she herself gets +2/+2 while protecting Lex. Which is not hard to do. The really fun part is that Hope can rally for Mercy.

But what fun is it to protect the old Lex when there is a new

Lex Luthor,President Luthor in town.

I have to say his effect is brilliant, drawing two cards (though there is a discard) and getting to return a face down resource to be replaced with any card from your hand , is one very good way to set up a resource row. All three of these guys working together can make The Revenge Squad 2.0 a very formidable team.

Here's a deck that full of Hope.

4-Hope, Amazon Bodyguard2.0

4-Mercy,Amazon Bodyguard2.0
4-Terra-man,Toby Manning

4-Lex Luthor, President Luthor2.0
4-Professor Emil Hamilton<>Ruin,Power Suit

4-Lex Luthor,Criminal Genius
1-Maxima, Princess of Almerac

2-Lex Luthor, Metropolis Mogul
1-Preus,Citizen's Patrol

1-Brainiac 2.5, Future Inteligence
1-Darkseid, The Omega

1-Lex Luthor, The Everyman
1-Lex Lutor, Sinister Scientist

4-Origin Story-Bounce your free Hopes to play again
4-Evil Genius-i hear card draw is good
4-New and Improved-Big Amazonian goodness, plus good with all the Lexi
4-Bad Press-Keeps a good plot down
4-Battle for Metropolis-Atk pump
4-Thanagarian Invasion-Atk Pump
4-Mobilize-Its needed
2-A Clash of Worlds
2-Messiah complex

The gist play Hope and KO her to New and IMprove, repeat till Hope is bigger than your opponents, then drop a 4 drop.