Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is me.

If your going to be at the Chicago Mega look for this ugly mug.

I will be there on Saturday playing a deck that has been crafted by the gods.

I hope to see a lot of players.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Family of Four Hundred

I had an idea where you use Poison Ivy to get multiple Invisible Women in play to abuse Force Field Projection/ Invisibility, and even Family of Four. Here is the deck so far.

4- Invisible Woman
1- Chemo
2- The Riddler
1- Uatu
1- Valeria

4- Namorita
1- Mr. Fantastic
2- Dr. Sivana
1- Charaxes
2- The Human Torch

4- Poison Ivy
2- Thing
1- Crystal

3- Mr. Fantastic

2- Namor
31 Characters

2- Invisibility
4- Force Field Projection
4- Family of Four
4- Straight to the Grave
4- Signal Flare (Fantastic Fours Straight to the Grave)
3- Remote Facility
4- Clobberin Time
3- Anger and Hate
4- The Multiverse

31- Other

So the deck should be about maximizing getting out FF characters and beefing up Family of Four. A few changes later and with a little help from Realms I have this.

4- Invisible Woman
1- Chemo
2- The Riddler
1- Uatu
1- Valeria

3- Namorita
4- Mr. Fantastic
1- Dead Shot
1- Charaxes
3- The Human Torch

4- Poison Ivy
1- Thing

1- Mr. Fantastic
2-Dr. Light

1- Thing
1- Manta

1-Human Torch(MCG)
32 Characters

2- Gang-up
4- Force Field Projection
4- Family of Four
4- Straight to the Grave
2- Signal Flare (Fantastic Fours Straight to the Grave)
3- Master Plan
4- Clobberin Time
3- Savage Beatdown
4- The Multiverse

30- Other

So now Poison Ivy gets you a FF guy and Dr. Light gets you an FF guy. This theoretically could make Family of Four +7/+7 on turn five For example

Turn 1
Invisible woman

Turn 2
Mr. Fantasic or Torch

Turn 3
Poison Ivy
she gets you Invisible Woman

Turn 4
Dr. Light
he puts into play Mr. Fantastic or Torch( kos at the recovery phase.)
Poison Ivy gets you another Invisible Woman

Turn 5
Dr. Light puts into play another Mr. Fantastic or another Torch
Poison Ivy gets another Invisible Woman

Thats makes 7 FF core members in play on 5.
Even If you cant put the core members into play Namorita can get a card form the Ko pile and the other 1's have interesting powers that can be used to stifle you opponents gameplay.

Thats prolly gonna be the last post till Mid April. I'm heading to Chicago with my wife to see her brother and his wife. while I'm up there I will be going to the Mega at Pastimes on Sat. I hope I see a lot of people there.

Eat well and I see you in Flotown.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vs-Jesus listens to prayers

I think there has been something amazing arising from these changes. The quality of the blogs for Vs. is terrific - I never had the chance to read that many of them prior to this change, and I think that the spotlight being shined on them has meant that a great deal more fans get to see the hard work members of the community have put in. We told you before that we were going to reward the best effort each month with a set of Marvel Legends and the "Hero of the Month" moniker, but in addition, we are going to choose several select blogs to help preview Marvel Universe.

In fact, we are going to change how previews for Marvel Universe are going to be done (I'll announce it later on, so that you guys will get more previews and get them much earlier than usual! (Much, much earlier than you might expect.). I also plan to help the situation with some articles of my own about Marvel Universe with previews and insights abound!

Cheers and good games,

This is proof that the powers to be are listening. And I seriously am lookin forward to the release of Universe. The Warbound will be the next best thing next to fried food.

see yall later.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter and Loving it.

The other day I was talking to my friend Trent and he suggested that I create a deck with an Easter theme. The only cards that came to mind at the time were Rabbit fire and Egghead, so those became the fundamental cards of the deck. It is a bit of fluff but it is playable, the interactions between the cards can become interesting. IE. Egghead gives Blob +2 def to brick wall. And hard Sound Construct gets you an extra guy just to stun to put counters on Lex.

---Base Cards
4-Rabbit fire

---Cards that can be considered Easter-ish
4- Crackshot (crack an egg)
4-Blob- Fred Dukes (fat guys like candy)
4-Lex Luther-Master Manipulator (he is bald like an egg)
4-Falcon-Sam Wilson (he shall be known as Peeps)
3-Ironman-Tony Stark (shellhead)
1-Vandal Savage (he was around during Jesus' time)
1-Soloman Grundy-Buried on Sunday (Easter Sunday)

---Cards that help the deck function
4-Unfair Advantage
4-Enemy of my Enemy
4-Flying kick
4-Training Day
4-Hard sound Construct
4-Yellow Jacket-Rita Demarra
4-Acrobatic Dodge

I hope everyone will have a wonderful Easter.
Eat well and keep playin.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Chili recipe Challenge

Leave a comment or email me your favorite chili recipe, the only catch is that the recipe has to involve VS/Comics in some way.

The winner gets a 20 gift card to a restaurant of choice.

The recipes will be judged on ingenuity, relevance to VS/Comics, and taste.
The winner will be selected on April 12.

Eat healthy and keep playing.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chitown Ready

It is time to at least start to figure out what I'm going to take to Chicago. Right now it is a toss up between a Hellboy equip deck, or the good Ole F4 with a few alterations. Me and my friend have been testing random builds since we found out about the mega in Chicago.

Hellboy's Toys
2- hellboy
3- Alfred
3- sydney leach
3- cate corrigan
2- gypsy
3- Professor bruttenholm
3- oracle
1- liz sherman
4- hellboy
1- vixen
1- abe sapien
1- Aquaman
1- death stroke (dcl)
1- hellboy
1- oracle
3- newbaxter building
3- weapons lab
3- brpd hq
2- the hook up
4- break of the horns
4- pancakes
3- unipower
3- proud zinco product
1- ego gem
2- brpd signal devices
1- mandroid prototype
1- steel girder
1- nth metal
2- med kits

Steel girder and Mandroid are your choice for 5 with a two drop to search for equip or locations. The rinse and repeat Hellboy at every character your opponents got. On 6 play Deathstroke for curve matchups and Aquaman, to grab pancakes and a hellboy, against off curve.

F4 and F's

4- Franky Ray(MVL)
4-Human Torch(MVL)
1-Luke Cage
1-Mr. Fantastic
4- Invisible Woman
1- Human Torch(MHG)
4-Mr. Fantastic
1-Luke Cage
1-Dr. Strange(MVL)
1- Thing
1- Silver surfer

2-Force Field Projection
4-Stretch Out
3-Pathetic Attempt
4-Signal Flare
3-Torch and Thing
2- Only Human
1-Family of Four
4-Its cloberin time

The ????? are the special "spices" I added for the long game. Other than late turns its pretty much your standard F4 build.

On a non VS note don't forget to have some corned beef and cabbage for St. Paddy's Day.

Eat Well And Prosper.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Thing ring do your thing

I want everyone to see the crap I came up with while at Indy Last year. It was after drafting MVL and me and my opponent were talking about this. the guy I was talking to was a writer for vssystem, but for the life of me I cant remember his name.

3- Invisible woman(MVL)
2-Invisible woman(MOR)

4- Mr. fantastic(MVL)
2-Human Torch(MVL)

4- Thing(MVL)
4-Thing (MOR)

4- Thing(MHG)




33 characters

3- Yancy street
4- Assorted aliases
4-Family of four
4- Its clobbering Pine
3- mobilize
3- Damocles base
2-new and improved
4- Crises on Infinite earths
3- esu science lab

The idea is to have thing out every turn possible, and off initiative use clobbering pine to transfer the attack to your largest thing, snikkr snikkr.
On initiative between all your things and the other low drop fillers family of four becomes a 4/4 on four and 5/5 on five, ect. Pls evertime a thing stuns you get to search your deck for another with yancy st. Assorted aliases also becomes a 3/3 pump for almost every character. New and improve is actually the play on eight, you ko every thing, pun intended, 3-7 and bring your 7 drop thing into play with 10 counters making him a 26/26.

The ESU science labs are great for reinforcement if you do not have Its clobbering pine.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Stars and stripes, thats what I think of when I see Captain America. Not only could he be considered as an American icon ,but he is an inspiration to all. Steve Rogers volunteered to basically be a guinea pig. In return he was made the ultimate soldier; superior reflexes, super strength, and a kick-A healing factor.

In the Vs world he is represented by five character cards.
The first is Steve Rogers(MAV), a three cost 6/4 with range, with the team affiliation Avengers. He is also has a built in team up to boot, with a leader ability that give adjacent characters the Avengers team affiliation and team attackers +1 atk while attacking. His over sized attack can be a serious problem for your opponent.

The next Captain America we come to is Super Soldier(MAV), also with the affiliation Avengers. His is a six cost 12/12 with range with a better leader ability than the aforementioned Cap. His leader ability keeps Avenger attackers from stunning while attacking and gives Avenger defenders +2/+2 while defending. On or off initiative he can turn the tide for victory.

Captain America is a Skrull Impostor(MHG). Well thats thats at least what the dual affiliated, Skrull and Marvel Knights, three cost 5/4 with range leads you to believe. But this cap is all American using his cosmic ability to keep your attackers from being stunned while attacking as long as they have three or more team affiliations.

Cap and Spidey the Dynamic Duo. Well with the 7 cost reservist Heroic Paragon(MTU) being dual affiliated with Spider Friends and Avengers, they well could be. His stats are ok at being 16/14 with range. His ability is where he becomes a defensive machine, he can pay 3 atk to give a character you control +3 def this turn.

The last stop on the C&A railroad is the 5 cost Loyal Patriot(MVL). weighing in at 9/9 with range and the ability to remove a Shied counter from himself to keep a MK character from being stunned during one attack. The down side to this is the opposing attacker or defender can not become stunned either.

Cap has not just been busy gracing the art box of character cards either, he has made his presence noticed on many other Vs cards.
-Avenger Assemble!-Hard Sound Construct-Evil Reborn-United we Stand-Seek Cover-Wind Storm-Repel Attack-Justice For All-Supreme Sanction-A day unlike any Other-Call to Arms-Base of Operations-The lunatic Legion and Etc.

Stars and Stripes

3-Jarvis-Honorary Avenger
4-Wasp-Janet van Dyne
2-Falcon -Sam Wilson
4-Captain America-Steve Rogers
2-Captain America-Skrull Impostor
2-QuikSilver-Mutant Avenger
4-Iron Man-Tony Stark
3-Sub Mariner-Namor
2-Captain America-Loyal Patriot
2-Captain America-Super Soldier
1-Captain America-Heroic Paragon
1-Spider man-Stark's Protege
1-Thor-God of Thunder

4- Assorted Aliases
4-Avengers Assemble
4-Wind Storm
3-Training day
4- Call to Arms
3- Base of Operations
4-Repel Attack
2-New and Improved

Have fun , and Eat well.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Southern comfort, and no I'm not talking about the hooch, is a state of mind best represented by its food. The food gives the aura of warmth and ,well, comfort. Down home food with an emphasis on big taste. So why not try to add a little Southern comfort to your lives with this recipe.

Sun Drop Dumplins
1 (8-count) package crescent rolls
2- Rome apples
1- can Sun drop
3/4- cup sugar
1/2 cup (1 stick) margarine

Separate the crescent dough into triangles. Core then cut the apples into quarters. Wrap each apple quarter in 1 of the dough triangles and arrange them in a lightly greased (6x10) pan.
Combine the sugar and margarine in a sauce pan. Heat until sugar is completely dissolved and the margarine is melted. Spoon the hot mixture over the wrapped apples. The pour the can of Sun drop over the apples. Bake at 350 degrees until the rolls are brown an the apples are tender.

And while this is baking try testing this on your kitchen table.

Crazy as Hell

1- Certifiable
"Nth Metal
1- Beside myself
"Med kit
"Ego Gem
"Power Siphon
"Mind Gem
"Burn Rubber
"Duty Calls
"Hellboy-Little boy
"Sydney Leach
"Cate Corrigan
"Batter up
"Professor Bruttenholm
"Hellboy- Anung Un Rama
"Savage beatdown
"Hellboy- The right hand of Doom
"Flying kick
"Catwoman- Cat of Nine Tails
" Enemy of my Enemy
"The Penguin-Gentleman of Crime
"Cannibal tech
"The Joker-Headline Stealer
"Burn Baby Burn
"Dead Shot-Flowd Lawton
"The Joker-Crazy for You
"Secret Files
"The Joker-Out of his Mind
"A Proud Zinco Product
"The Shade
"Forced conscription
"The Penguin-Crimes early Bird
"Arkham asylum
"Remote facility
"Matt Hagen<>Clayface
"Bprd Hq
"Sandra Fuller<>Clayface
"New Baxter Building
"Basil Karlo<> Ultimate Clayface
"Weapons Lab
"Charaxes-Moth Monster
"Bprd signal device
"Poison Ivy-Intoxicating
" Steel girder
" Gorilla Grodd- Grodd Awful
" Mandroid Prototype
" Death Stroke- Killing Machine
"Twin Firearm
"Dead Shot- Dead Aim
"Aquaman- Lord of Atlantis
"Barbara Gorden-Hacker Elite
"The Hook up
"Batman-Twilight vigilante
"The Riddler-Riddle me this
"Strait to the Grave

Good eating and have fun playing. See you in Flotown.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Burn baby burn, this isn't a disco inferno. Pyro has been apart of Vs since its inaugural debut,with his two drop incarnation St. John Allerdyce, and has been burning our hearts and decks ever since.
Pyro is a mutant from Australia with the peculiar ability to control fire, but not create it, for this reason he wears a flamethrower to wreak havoc.
His lowest cost character in Vs is his One cost version, Freedom Force, from MXM. This card has the interesting ability to burn your opponent for three endurance for just causing at least three endurance loss while attacking a character. This ability can be game breaking in any Brotherhood build.
His second lowest cost character is the aforementioned St. John Allerdyce from MOR. Pyro measures up pretty low at only being 2 atck 2 def .This two drop can burn things up a bit, by activated effect, to make your opponent lose three endurance. This is pretty profound off initiative when he is defending and can stun the opposing attacker back.
The new kid on the blazing block is Hot topic at three from MEX. At 5 atk and 4 def he is failr average in size. He much like his distant Vs cousin The Human Torch, Sparky, can cause an increasing amount of endurance loss each turn in relation to a number of resources. Unlike Sparky its the number of resources your opponent controls.
After skipping a nonexistant four drop we find Flame-thrower at five from the MXS X-men Brotherhood starters. He is average stat wise and this time around only activates to burn for four endurance. Out of all the other drops this one is the worst when it comes to cost versus game effect.
There are a few non character cards that have Pyro gracing its art box. Playing with Fire is one of them. It is a two cost plot twist that has you exhaust a Brotherhood character to cause a four endurance loss to an opponent. Hell hound, a three cost plot twist, on the other hand gives Brotherhood characters +4 atk while attacking characters of a lesser cost. Both of the cards can allow Brotherhood builds to cause a lot of endurance loss pretty fast. The next best thing to not having Pyro is to at least have a Flamethrower. Flamethrower is a one cost equipment that gives the equipped character +5 atk and the ability to exhaust the equipped character to burn for five. The only problem is if the equipped character gets stunned it also gets Koed.
This finishes my first weekly post reviewing a character from Vs. At the end of each review I will have a deck list concocted from ,some if not all, of the cards I reviewed.

And here is the first one.

4-Pyro-Freedom Force
4-Pyro-St. John Allerdyce
4-Pyro-Hot Topic
2- Mark Moonrider-Forever People
3-The Human Torch-Sparky
3- Barracuda-Earth 3
4- Fiero-Quardian Conglomerate
2- Merlyn-Archer Assassin
1- Liz Sherman-Uncontrolled power

4-Crises on Infinite Earths
2- Flame-Thrower
4- Enemy of my Enemy
4- Rigged Explosives
4- Fear Skull
3- Tech upgrade
4- Flying Kick
4- Burn Rubber
2- Die for Darkseid

See you in Flotown and have fun playing best TCG on earth.