Thursday, July 24, 2008

Damaging reputation.

Here I am again in Previewcoladaville peddling someone elses wares.

Here we have Damage and 3 cost character thats is apart of the wonderful JSA team. Coincidentally JSA got me 6 wins in Indy06.

His meager 3/3 stats are boosted by his activated ability(Same as Atom Smasher with a slight tweak) of getting 2 1/1 counters (instead of 1). Which coupled with The Rock of Eternity could push him into 5 drop levels on turn 4.

He also has a good secondary ability to damage you opponents resource row by replacing a location for the low cost of an activation and removing a counter.

More history brought to you by Wikipedia.
"Teaching the world things they do not care to know, one person at a time"

Damage is a DC Comics superhero who first appeared in a comic book of the same name during the Zero Hour crisis. He is the son of the original Atom Al Pratt. He has been a member of the Titans, and the Freedom Fighters, and is currently a member of the Justice Society of America.

Fictional character history

High school student Grant Emerson suddenly discovers he is a superhuman with incredible explosive powers.[1] During the Zero Hour crisis, Grant's powers became the spark that restarted the universe after it was destroyed by Parallax; thanks to Damage's powers, the new universe evolved along natural lines, guided by nature rather than the will of Parallax.[2]

Damage. Art by Todd Nauck.
Damage. Art by Todd Nauck.

A superhero/supervillain battle, involving Baron Blitzkrieg, Iron Munro, and others, results in extensive damage to downtown Atlanta. Damage is arrested for his part in the extensive damage. Sarge Steel is able to cut a deal for him: he would be banned from Georgia and remanded into custody of the then federally-sponsored Titans team, led by Arsenal. Around this time Damage deals with, emotionally, the murder of a fellow schoolmate he cares for at the hands of a supervillain. After a while, Damage leaves the Titans to find his origins.


He learns that Vandal Savage was involved in an experiment at Symbolix called Project: Telemachus, where he took DNA samples he had collected from various superheroes and injected them into a fitting vessel: Grant. The heroes Grant shares DNA with are: Atom I (Al Pratt), Flash I (Jay Garrick), Green Lantern I (Alan Scott), Wildcat I (Ted Grant), Hawkman I (Carter Hall), Hawkgirl I (Shayera Hol), Hourman I (Rex Tyler), Black Canary I (Dinah Lance), Doctor Mid-Nite I (Charles McNider), Starman I (Ted Knight), Miss America (Joan Dale), Johnny Quick (Johnny Chambers), Liberty Belle (Libby Lawrence), Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz - John Jones), Flash II ((Barry Allen), Aquaman, Black Canary II (Dinah Laurel Lance), Green Lantern II (Hal Jordan), and Atom II (Ray Palmer). Symbolix was allied with Shadowspire through Shadowspire's leader the Baron Blitzkrieg. The Baron became a recurring foe in Damage's series, starting with #3. Grant eventually learns that he was the son of the original Atom, Al Pratt and his wife Mary. Grant was forced to go underground after leaving the Titans, since he violated his parole by doing so.

When the original five Titans reformed the group[3], Arsenal nominates Damage for membership. Arsenal managed to erase Grant's criminal records, so he was no longer a fugitive, and Grant joins the team. Grant participates in multiple adventures, including a confrontation with demons from hell in "Day of Judgment" #1. Later, Damage confronts something he had buried for a long time: he had been victim of abuse at the hands of his foster father. After opening up to Roy Harper, Grant takes a leave of absence and sought peace and healing on the Navajo reservation where Roy was raised.

He helps the current Justice Society of America against Imperiex and the villainous team of Obsidian, Eclipso, and Mordru, both times as part of a modern All-Star Squadron. He has since been seen with a new team of government-sponsored Freedom Fighters, whose activities are yet unknown. He also has something of a brotherly relationship with Atom Smasher, the godson of his father, the original Atom. It was thought that Grant had a brother, Walter, who was recently killed by Walter's superhero daughter, Manhunter, aka Kate Spencer. However, it turned out that Walter was actually the son of Iron Munro and Phantom Lady - an odd parallel to Damage's paternity search, as at one stage it appeared that Grant might be the couple's child.

Freedom Fighters and Justice Society of America vol. 3

Several members of the modern Freedom Fighters team were killed by the Society in Infinite Crisis #1. Damage was one of the survivors, though his face is severely scarred by Zoom[4], although this isn't revealed until later [5].

Damage appears in the relaunched Justice Society of America released in December 2006. He wears a full mask and a costume similar to that of his father and Atom Smasher, featuring a biohazard symbol. He also has a significantly gruffer and more cynical attitude, partly because, as the villain Rebel insinuates, Damage was left badly scarred, but alive, by Zoom. Zoom later encounters the Justice Society, claiming to have maimed, but not killed, the boy intentionally, to give him a defining tragedy, and the fight leads to Georgia. Damage leaps into the state, although he is banned from entering, and catches up with Zoom, and holds him hostage. Liberty Belle calms Damage down, but Zoom escapes and hurls debris at his face with the intent to kill him. Liberty Belle speeds in, saves Damage, and knocks out Zoom[6] Damage remains on the team, essentially in Atom Smasher's place (the Thunderbolt has even called him "Atom Smasher Two" jokingly).

In Justice Society of America #16, Damage's face was completely healed by the reborn Gog.

Powers and abilities

Damage can generate a power charge that enhances his strength, durability, speed, and reflexes to superhuman levels. If he doesn't use the energy in the aforementioned manner he is forced to expend it in a discharge, most notably the time he created the Big Bang during Zero Hour. The aged Damage in Young Justice: Sins of Youth had the ability to fly. While the current Damage cannot harness this ability yet, he can "leap" by firing his energy at the ground, as shown most recently in Justice Society of America #8.

Monday, July 21, 2008

More Picts.

A few picts. of the Batmobile and the Batpod.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Movie stars and a deck

While in Chicago I got a chance to go to the opening
festivities for the release of the Dark Knight.
Here are a few photos I was able to take.
From Left to Right; Michael Cain(Alfred),
Chis Nolan(The Director), Gary Oldeman(Lt. Gordon)

To cormemorate the occation I give you:

Gothams Finest
11-GCPD Officers
4-Alfred Pennyworth
3-Commishioner Gordon
3-Harvey Bullock (GCPD Detective)

4- Tim Drake( Titan in command)

3-Batman(Founding Member)
3-Oracle(Hacker elite

4-Annihilating Conquest
3-Invasion Plans
4-Bat Got Your Toungue
4-Overwhelming Odds
2-Finishing Move

4-Utility Belt
2-Ego Gem

3-Birthing Chamber

The deck is legal in BYOT . It plays pretty simple, team attack
and negate-repeat as necessary.
If you have any sugestions just leave me
a comment.
See yall next week with a suprise,

Sunday, July 13, 2008


From Chicago, Hi guys just wanted to make an update that I will be in Chicago for most of the week.

Friday, July 4, 2008


Looky I'm not dead just lazy/busy. But I do have a wonderful preview for yall.

Boodikka here is a wonderful 6 drop. She has the standard GL trimmings of flight and range and a dash of Willpower for flavor(3 willpower to be exact.)
Before I delve in to the card itself lets learn a little bit about Boodikka as a character.

At three centuries of age, the warrior Boodikka of the planet Bellatrix was originally recruited by the sphere-like Chaselon of Barrio III to join the then-reconstituted Green Lantern Corps [1]. Not long before, Boodikka had belonged to something called the "Bellatrix Bombers," a group of women mercenaries for hire by planets to clear the spaceways of hostile forces. The "Bellatrix Bombers" had broken up at some point, the majority of the team apparently having been killed along the way.
Boodikka became a member of the Alpha Lanterns, an internal policing force within the Corps itself, soon after the Sinestro War and the enactment of the Second Law of the Book of Oa. The Alpha Lanterns make sure that no Corps member performs an illegal action using a power ring. Each Alpha Lantern receives a second power ring and receives direct connections to the Book of Oa's Laws and the central power battery. However, the process involves surgical alteration into a hybrid of the individual recruit's biological form and updated Manhunter technology. In other words, Alpha Lanterns are cyborgs.

The card itself is a control decks dream, bouncing one of your characters to bounce one of theirs.

The only, and I mean only draw back is that you have to return a ready Green Lantern character with a greater cost than the character you want to send packing for home.

As always here a deck to wet your whistle.


4-Kyle Raynor

4-Hal Jordan (Lantern of The League)
2-Tomar Re

3-Rot Lop Fan
2-Green Arrow

2-Kyle Raynor
1- Sodam Yat(Daxamite)


1-Guy Gardner

1-Sodam Yat

33 GL's

4- Light Armor
4-Chopping Block
4-Battle of Wills
4-Cover Fire
4-Helping Hand
4-The Ring Has Chosen
3-Book of Oa

The Idea is to attack alot n'stuff. And bounce attacks with the defensive buffs. Play Mogo on 8 brick anything thrown at ya, then bounce Mogo back to cap their 7 during the recover phase. What I am talkin about you will probably when on 5 anyway.

Have fun yall.