Thursday, July 17, 2008

Movie stars and a deck

While in Chicago I got a chance to go to the opening
festivities for the release of the Dark Knight.
Here are a few photos I was able to take.
From Left to Right; Michael Cain(Alfred),
Chis Nolan(The Director), Gary Oldeman(Lt. Gordon)

To cormemorate the occation I give you:

Gothams Finest
11-GCPD Officers
4-Alfred Pennyworth
3-Commishioner Gordon
3-Harvey Bullock (GCPD Detective)

4- Tim Drake( Titan in command)

3-Batman(Founding Member)
3-Oracle(Hacker elite

4-Annihilating Conquest
3-Invasion Plans
4-Bat Got Your Toungue
4-Overwhelming Odds
2-Finishing Move

4-Utility Belt
2-Ego Gem

3-Birthing Chamber

The deck is legal in BYOT . It plays pretty simple, team attack
and negate-repeat as necessary.
If you have any sugestions just leave me
a comment.
See yall next week with a suprise,

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