Thursday, August 14, 2008

2 for 1 special

These two cards make me wish they were real and I had 4 of them. I love equipment based decks, Notably Hellboy equips.

Io Here is 2 atk 3 def. 2 drop with an amazing ability to search out a 0 cost equipment and equip it to a character you control. The only draw back is that all equipment put into play this way KO's at the start of the recovery phase.

Equipments that benefit.

Power Gem
Ego Gem
Mind Gem
Soul Gem
Well any ) cost equipment to be exact.

The Themysciran Forges is a work of art. It is a 3 cost Location that is no-unique(which means you may play multiples of them from your resource row). It allows you to search your deck for an equipment card equal to the number of ready Forges you control and equip it to a Themyscira character. If you had all of the locations face up in your row you could potnetially search your deck for a 3 cost equipment or a 4 cost if you had Black Thorn. The draw back is a little hefty though, in that all equipment is Ko'd at the start of the recovery phase.

Equipments that would rock with this card.

Kevlar Body Armor
Personal Force Field
Steel Girder
Wait for it............. 3 ton Boulder.......... yes now you can stun a 3 drop without having to pay the resources
Any Equipment of 3 or less.

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