Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sheild Burn 2.0

After reading the wonderful report on Majestics page, I decided I was going to rebuild the Shield burn deck that BCMer and I were working on.

First here is the deck that they used in their write up.


* 24 SHIELD Agents, Army/Agent of SHIELD
* 4 Squirrel Girl, Doreen Green
* 3 Maria Hill, Deputy Commander of SHIELD
* 2 Speedball ◊ Penance, Painmonger
* 4 Wolverine, Agent of SHIELD/HYDRA
* 2 Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD

Total: 39

Plot Twists
* 4 Blinding Rage
* 4 Savage Beatdown

Total: 8

* 4 SHIELD Helicarrier
* 4 Birthing Chamber
* 3 Torture Chamber
* 2 Evil Lair

Total: 13

60 cards

I went with what Michael had to say about the deck in general and tried to fix the problem areas. As he stated it seemed like he had to use the Helicarier just to get some Agents back to his hand after mulling that over and sifting through 13 boxes worth of Vs I came up with a few solutions.

1. Adding in 2 Jessica Drew to bounce a guy if necessary.

2. Adding in 1 Sentinel Squad O*N*E* to bring back Agents from the KO'd pile

3. Adding in 4 Layla Millers as pseudo-plot twist to bring back 2 Agents from the Ko'd pile

After making these additions it allowed me to bring the # of Agents down from 24 to 15 without truthfully messing with how the deck works.

The second thing I did was to also evaluate the other characters in the deck and how they "Help the Cause". The only big changes were as follows.

4. Reducing the # of Wolverines from 4 to 3, I always seem to hit him.

5. Reducing the # of Maria Hills from 3 to 2 and the # of Squirrel Girls (sorry Stu) from 4 to 3, this opened up space for,

6. Adding in 2 (a.)Life Model Decoys and 1 (b.)Hank Pym who are there to
A. be an on curve filler.
B. Help Wolverine Smash

Well that takes us from 38 characters to 31. I know what you are thinking in a deck that is supposed to vomit out Agents that is going to hurt the flow. Just work with me and follow my logic.

With the addition of Layla you can retrieve 2 Agents back from the grave for the price of 1 card so that is 4 cards that can replace 8 (sorta). And with the other curve fillers such as Jessica and the Sentinel it wasn't necessary to have so many Agents still in the deck.

The rest of the deck was pretty spot on, but since I hand a little wiggle room to add extra cards I went a diggin this time through MVL/DCL/MUN/DWF to find my answers.

7. Adding in 1 extra Evil Lair

8. Adding 2 Research Facilities ( replaces those pesky Helicarriers/and other locations and characters you might have had to place in your row).

9. Cutting 1 Birthing Chamber and 1 Blinding Rage and adding 3 Invasion Plans.(It came up a lot in testing that I had an Agent that wasn't doing anything, well thats government jobs for you).

And with those changes it brings the "others" count to 29.

To recap:

15-Shield Agents
3-Squirrel Girl
2-Maria Hill
2-Life Model Decoy
1-Hank Pym
2- Jessica Drew
1- Sentinel Squad O*N*E*
2-Nick Fury

4-Layla Miller
4-Shield Helicarrier
3-Torture Chamber
3-Evil Lair
3- Birthing Chamber
2- research Facility
4- Savage Beatdown
3-Blinding Rage
3- Invasion Plans

The deck plays pretty much the same way as it did before, but now it has options togo go on curve. Also with the added recursion it is easier to get as many Agents out as possible.

Please leave some feedback if you have any questions or ideas.

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