Saturday, April 5, 2008

Its megatime in Chitown

Well it's the end of the line for me at the wonderful Mega-weekend. I was only able to play in the silver tourny.

Lets start out with the deck that won me 5 out of four matches


4- Invisible

3- Namorita
3- Torch
1- Luke Cage

4- Invisible Woman
1- Thing
1- Torch

4- Mr. Fantastic

2- Thing
1-Frankie Raye (herald)

1- Dr. Strange
2- Torch (herald)

1- Invisible Woman
1- Thing

2- Bestow the Power Cosmic
4- Siganal Flare
4- Clobberin Time
3- Family of Four
1- Only Human
3- Force Field Projection
3- Siphon Energy
4- Flying Kick
3- Unipower

Round 1 Silver Age
Kurt- KoolKurt


He played pretty much the standard fair that is Random. He hit his 1, Luna, 2 Terra and such.
I hit Invisible woman on one, Namorita on 2, and Thing on 3 and so on.

Highlights: Playing Lyja on 4 and burning for 16.


Round 2

Deck- Shadow Knights

Yes I played the Squire, he was a wonderful guy. Very polite and had a top notch deck.
By turn 4 he had Jared Stevens, Barb, and wait for it, wait for it, Wonder Woman.

I missed on 5 and under dropped.

Highlights: Having 2 Family of Fours, an Uni-Power, and a Flying kick in my hand and was to afraid to use them. I.E. Worder- bounces-everything-to-my-guys-Woman. Also having every search effect I had Conclaved/Bat got your Tongued.


Round 3

Deck- Worlds Finest

Again I played a Realms superstar. He led out with Alfred, then Maggie on 2. On 4 was Batman, then 5 with Superman(not Metro Marvo).

For me it was nothing until 2 with Namorita. With the rest of the regular four following in order, except for Frankie on 5.

Highlights: Sending Namorita into Superman, Playing a Flying kick on Frankie, then removing Namorita from the game getting me Flyin kick back. And yes I did all of this to get rid of Supes 1'st attack invulnerability. Whoot.


Round 4

Deck- Skrulls

I hate Skrulls. You never know who is one and when they will pop up.

Highlights: Not knowing that Ronan the Accusor was comming out on 4. I had 2 Family of Fours and 1 Force feild Projection in the row. Sucks to be me.


Round 5


Lets just say her hitting 1,2,3,4,5,6 is a good thing. Cap at 3 is Amazing.

I whiffed 1, played my 2,3,4,5,6. No force feild projections lost me this one.

Highlights: Remind me to put characters in the row when playing against Skrulls, stupid Ronan.


Round 6

Deck-Worlds Finest

I missed on 7 and 8.

Highlights: I don't remember much other than losing by only 6 endurance.

Round 7

Deck- Team Superman

He hit his 3-Natasha and his 4- Superman, 5- Wonderwoman, 6- Brahma
I had Torch on 2, Thing on 3, and Mr Fantastic on 4. Frankie on 5, then Dr. Strange on 6.

Highlights: He setup perfectly on 6 so Brahma was keeping everyone else from being attacked.
I played only human on Brahma and went to town on his back row. Dr. Strange then flew into Brahma with a Clobber.


Round 8


Deck- Fantastic Four

Mirror match time. He had Torch on 2, Invisible Woman on 3, Mr. Fantastic on 4, Thing 5, And Then replaced Torch on 6.

I matched him drop for drop from 3 to 5, Turn six I played my version of Torch, pretty much stopping any chance he had to burn me with his Torch.

Highlights: His Thing 11/11 into my Torch. He played Family of 4, I played Siphon Energy targeting his Family o'4, He then played another Family o'4 and I again played a Siphon Energy targeting his F'o4. Not to be dissuede he pumped, and then I used a Signal Flare to get a pump.

Poor Thing never saw it comming.


Round 9

Deck-Quiksilver Random

This makes the 3rd time I have played Ryeland. The first being at 06 Indy, where he trashed my JSA with Secret Society. The second time was 07 Indy, I got my revenge with BOP beating his Spider-Stall.

He played Frank Drake on 1, then Atom Smasher on 2 , Quicksilver on 3.

1 for me was Invisible Woman, 2 was Luke cage and so on.

Highlights: Drawing at total of 4 cards with Luke between turns 2 to 3. I burned for a 16 on 4 with Lyja. Then an Additional 32 burn from Lyja with Dr. Stange's help on 6.

He then Swung 3 times with a Fated up Random, and with Quiksilver 2. Ending Score was him at -34 and me at -19.

Well that was pretty much my day. The door prizes were great and the Just-For-Showin-Up Prizes were even better- EA Signal Flare, and a Deck Tin-

Thanks for reading, I know it wasn't much because I take terrible notes. See yall in Flotown.

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Anonymous said...

I probably would have run a similar deck had I been able to attend.
Glad you had some fun!