Friday, March 7, 2008

Thing ring do your thing

I want everyone to see the crap I came up with while at Indy Last year. It was after drafting MVL and me and my opponent were talking about this. the guy I was talking to was a writer for vssystem, but for the life of me I cant remember his name.

3- Invisible woman(MVL)
2-Invisible woman(MOR)

4- Mr. fantastic(MVL)
2-Human Torch(MVL)

4- Thing(MVL)
4-Thing (MOR)

4- Thing(MHG)




33 characters

3- Yancy street
4- Assorted aliases
4-Family of four
4- Its clobbering Pine
3- mobilize
3- Damocles base
2-new and improved
4- Crises on Infinite earths
3- esu science lab

The idea is to have thing out every turn possible, and off initiative use clobbering pine to transfer the attack to your largest thing, snikkr snikkr.
On initiative between all your things and the other low drop fillers family of four becomes a 4/4 on four and 5/5 on five, ect. Pls evertime a thing stuns you get to search your deck for another with yancy st. Assorted aliases also becomes a 3/3 pump for almost every character. New and improve is actually the play on eight, you ko every thing, pun intended, 3-7 and bring your 7 drop thing into play with 10 counters making him a 26/26.

The ESU science labs are great for reinforcement if you do not have Its clobbering pine.

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