Sunday, March 2, 2008


Burn baby burn, this isn't a disco inferno. Pyro has been apart of Vs since its inaugural debut,with his two drop incarnation St. John Allerdyce, and has been burning our hearts and decks ever since.
Pyro is a mutant from Australia with the peculiar ability to control fire, but not create it, for this reason he wears a flamethrower to wreak havoc.
His lowest cost character in Vs is his One cost version, Freedom Force, from MXM. This card has the interesting ability to burn your opponent for three endurance for just causing at least three endurance loss while attacking a character. This ability can be game breaking in any Brotherhood build.
His second lowest cost character is the aforementioned St. John Allerdyce from MOR. Pyro measures up pretty low at only being 2 atck 2 def .This two drop can burn things up a bit, by activated effect, to make your opponent lose three endurance. This is pretty profound off initiative when he is defending and can stun the opposing attacker back.
The new kid on the blazing block is Hot topic at three from MEX. At 5 atk and 4 def he is failr average in size. He much like his distant Vs cousin The Human Torch, Sparky, can cause an increasing amount of endurance loss each turn in relation to a number of resources. Unlike Sparky its the number of resources your opponent controls.
After skipping a nonexistant four drop we find Flame-thrower at five from the MXS X-men Brotherhood starters. He is average stat wise and this time around only activates to burn for four endurance. Out of all the other drops this one is the worst when it comes to cost versus game effect.
There are a few non character cards that have Pyro gracing its art box. Playing with Fire is one of them. It is a two cost plot twist that has you exhaust a Brotherhood character to cause a four endurance loss to an opponent. Hell hound, a three cost plot twist, on the other hand gives Brotherhood characters +4 atk while attacking characters of a lesser cost. Both of the cards can allow Brotherhood builds to cause a lot of endurance loss pretty fast. The next best thing to not having Pyro is to at least have a Flamethrower. Flamethrower is a one cost equipment that gives the equipped character +5 atk and the ability to exhaust the equipped character to burn for five. The only problem is if the equipped character gets stunned it also gets Koed.
This finishes my first weekly post reviewing a character from Vs. At the end of each review I will have a deck list concocted from ,some if not all, of the cards I reviewed.

And here is the first one.

4-Pyro-Freedom Force
4-Pyro-St. John Allerdyce
4-Pyro-Hot Topic
2- Mark Moonrider-Forever People
3-The Human Torch-Sparky
3- Barracuda-Earth 3
4- Fiero-Quardian Conglomerate
2- Merlyn-Archer Assassin
1- Liz Sherman-Uncontrolled power

4-Crises on Infinite Earths
2- Flame-Thrower
4- Enemy of my Enemy
4- Rigged Explosives
4- Fear Skull
3- Tech upgrade
4- Flying Kick
4- Burn Rubber
2- Die for Darkseid

See you in Flotown and have fun playing best TCG on earth.


Christopher said...

Welcome to the VS Blogosphere!

Rian Fike said...

Hilarious, hot, heavenly deck! I need to bookmark this for an article on the mothership. Well done.

Steve Garrett said...

nice. I made something similar and it was so much fun. Every turn my opponent was all "arrggh, stop with the ****ing burning already!"

Nice. Now you just hae to get the voting button/link posted so we can vote for your blog.