Monday, March 3, 2008

Southern comfort, and no I'm not talking about the hooch, is a state of mind best represented by its food. The food gives the aura of warmth and ,well, comfort. Down home food with an emphasis on big taste. So why not try to add a little Southern comfort to your lives with this recipe.

Sun Drop Dumplins
1 (8-count) package crescent rolls
2- Rome apples
1- can Sun drop
3/4- cup sugar
1/2 cup (1 stick) margarine

Separate the crescent dough into triangles. Core then cut the apples into quarters. Wrap each apple quarter in 1 of the dough triangles and arrange them in a lightly greased (6x10) pan.
Combine the sugar and margarine in a sauce pan. Heat until sugar is completely dissolved and the margarine is melted. Spoon the hot mixture over the wrapped apples. The pour the can of Sun drop over the apples. Bake at 350 degrees until the rolls are brown an the apples are tender.

And while this is baking try testing this on your kitchen table.

Crazy as Hell

1- Certifiable
"Nth Metal
1- Beside myself
"Med kit
"Ego Gem
"Power Siphon
"Mind Gem
"Burn Rubber
"Duty Calls
"Hellboy-Little boy
"Sydney Leach
"Cate Corrigan
"Batter up
"Professor Bruttenholm
"Hellboy- Anung Un Rama
"Savage beatdown
"Hellboy- The right hand of Doom
"Flying kick
"Catwoman- Cat of Nine Tails
" Enemy of my Enemy
"The Penguin-Gentleman of Crime
"Cannibal tech
"The Joker-Headline Stealer
"Burn Baby Burn
"Dead Shot-Flowd Lawton
"The Joker-Crazy for You
"Secret Files
"The Joker-Out of his Mind
"A Proud Zinco Product
"The Shade
"Forced conscription
"The Penguin-Crimes early Bird
"Arkham asylum
"Remote facility
"Matt Hagen<>Clayface
"Bprd Hq
"Sandra Fuller<>Clayface
"New Baxter Building
"Basil Karlo<> Ultimate Clayface
"Weapons Lab
"Charaxes-Moth Monster
"Bprd signal device
"Poison Ivy-Intoxicating
" Steel girder
" Gorilla Grodd- Grodd Awful
" Mandroid Prototype
" Death Stroke- Killing Machine
"Twin Firearm
"Dead Shot- Dead Aim
"Aquaman- Lord of Atlantis
"Barbara Gorden-Hacker Elite
"The Hook up
"Batman-Twilight vigilante
"The Riddler-Riddle me this
"Strait to the Grave

Good eating and have fun playing. See you in Flotown.

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