Thursday, March 6, 2008


Stars and stripes, thats what I think of when I see Captain America. Not only could he be considered as an American icon ,but he is an inspiration to all. Steve Rogers volunteered to basically be a guinea pig. In return he was made the ultimate soldier; superior reflexes, super strength, and a kick-A healing factor.

In the Vs world he is represented by five character cards.
The first is Steve Rogers(MAV), a three cost 6/4 with range, with the team affiliation Avengers. He is also has a built in team up to boot, with a leader ability that give adjacent characters the Avengers team affiliation and team attackers +1 atk while attacking. His over sized attack can be a serious problem for your opponent.

The next Captain America we come to is Super Soldier(MAV), also with the affiliation Avengers. His is a six cost 12/12 with range with a better leader ability than the aforementioned Cap. His leader ability keeps Avenger attackers from stunning while attacking and gives Avenger defenders +2/+2 while defending. On or off initiative he can turn the tide for victory.

Captain America is a Skrull Impostor(MHG). Well thats thats at least what the dual affiliated, Skrull and Marvel Knights, three cost 5/4 with range leads you to believe. But this cap is all American using his cosmic ability to keep your attackers from being stunned while attacking as long as they have three or more team affiliations.

Cap and Spidey the Dynamic Duo. Well with the 7 cost reservist Heroic Paragon(MTU) being dual affiliated with Spider Friends and Avengers, they well could be. His stats are ok at being 16/14 with range. His ability is where he becomes a defensive machine, he can pay 3 atk to give a character you control +3 def this turn.

The last stop on the C&A railroad is the 5 cost Loyal Patriot(MVL). weighing in at 9/9 with range and the ability to remove a Shied counter from himself to keep a MK character from being stunned during one attack. The down side to this is the opposing attacker or defender can not become stunned either.

Cap has not just been busy gracing the art box of character cards either, he has made his presence noticed on many other Vs cards.
-Avenger Assemble!-Hard Sound Construct-Evil Reborn-United we Stand-Seek Cover-Wind Storm-Repel Attack-Justice For All-Supreme Sanction-A day unlike any Other-Call to Arms-Base of Operations-The lunatic Legion and Etc.

Stars and Stripes

3-Jarvis-Honorary Avenger
4-Wasp-Janet van Dyne
2-Falcon -Sam Wilson
4-Captain America-Steve Rogers
2-Captain America-Skrull Impostor
2-QuikSilver-Mutant Avenger
4-Iron Man-Tony Stark
3-Sub Mariner-Namor
2-Captain America-Loyal Patriot
2-Captain America-Super Soldier
1-Captain America-Heroic Paragon
1-Spider man-Stark's Protege
1-Thor-God of Thunder

4- Assorted Aliases
4-Avengers Assemble
4-Wind Storm
3-Training day
4- Call to Arms
3- Base of Operations
4-Repel Attack
2-New and Improved

Have fun , and Eat well.

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