Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter and Loving it.

The other day I was talking to my friend Trent and he suggested that I create a deck with an Easter theme. The only cards that came to mind at the time were Rabbit fire and Egghead, so those became the fundamental cards of the deck. It is a bit of fluff but it is playable, the interactions between the cards can become interesting. IE. Egghead gives Blob +2 def to brick wall. And hard Sound Construct gets you an extra guy just to stun to put counters on Lex.

---Base Cards
4-Rabbit fire

---Cards that can be considered Easter-ish
4- Crackshot (crack an egg)
4-Blob- Fred Dukes (fat guys like candy)
4-Lex Luther-Master Manipulator (he is bald like an egg)
4-Falcon-Sam Wilson (he shall be known as Peeps)
3-Ironman-Tony Stark (shellhead)
1-Vandal Savage (he was around during Jesus' time)
1-Soloman Grundy-Buried on Sunday (Easter Sunday)

---Cards that help the deck function
4-Unfair Advantage
4-Enemy of my Enemy
4-Flying kick
4-Training Day
4-Hard sound Construct
4-Yellow Jacket-Rita Demarra
4-Acrobatic Dodge

I hope everyone will have a wonderful Easter.
Eat well and keep playin.

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