Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vs-Jesus listens to prayers

I think there has been something amazing arising from these changes. The quality of the blogs for Vs. is terrific - I never had the chance to read that many of them prior to this change, and I think that the spotlight being shined on them has meant that a great deal more fans get to see the hard work members of the community have put in. We told you before that we were going to reward the best effort each month with a set of Marvel Legends and the "Hero of the Month" moniker, but in addition, we are going to choose several select blogs to help preview Marvel Universe.

In fact, we are going to change how previews for Marvel Universe are going to be done (I'll announce it later on vssystem.com), so that you guys will get more previews and get them much earlier than usual! (Much, much earlier than you might expect.). I also plan to help the vssystem.com situation with some articles of my own about Marvel Universe with previews and insights abound!

Cheers and good games,

This is proof that the powers to be are listening. And I seriously am lookin forward to the release of Universe. The Warbound will be the next best thing next to fried food.

see yall later.

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